Promats international is a company registered in Sudan with a network of trade partners in the region of west and middle Africa. Promats is specializing in producing and marketing natural agricultural products such as Gum Arabic, Sesame, Ground nuts, Watermelon seeds throughout the globe. The production is done throughout supply chain and value chain approaches and practicing fair trade mechanism within the local communities. Promats introduces restricted quality control methods throughout the supply chain include pre- and post-harvest cultural practices and methods. All specifications as well as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) are available for different grades and products.

The vision of the company is to be one of the first companies in exporting and marketing organic and natural crops and products chemical-free, high quality value products with minimal impurities.


The mission is to be a developer of organic and natural products to be distributed in wide markets worldwide. Concerning for the environment and the fight against poverty through the stability of the rural population and increase their incomes through fair trade mechanisms, value chain and new concepts such as the one village one product (OVOP) by developing such products.


Promats stated objectives:

. To enable natural products producers to achieve fair share of revenue;
. To afford better services and quality for importers and end users,
. To strengthen trust in global markets;
. To organize... efforts with concerned parties to maximize production and protect
botanical resource to satisfy market’s needs.

Customers are assured of:
- Sustainable supply supported by sufficient buffer stocks.
- Reasonable and reasonably stable prices.
- Flexible shipments.
- Guaranteed qualities.


What we offer


Why Trade with us


Our stable visions and clear plans in the financing of the supply of this strategic sovereign product will lead to good planning and stability of... offered financing abilities.

We had abundant warehouses and other logistic facilities, resulted in a good status position in keeping; sorting, controlling and tracking our lots, which insure the overall quality control of our products.

Our qualified and experienced Staff will makes our business more professional and efficient in communication with our business partners, believing that the business relationship is a continuous process.

Our supply Network in Sudan and other natural producing countries, binging to us the knowledge and secure sourcing the product from the origins of production. These networks include production unions& associations, retail and wholesale traders, exporters, as well as governmental and research units and departments. And overall the role and participation of the individual producers and their communities is highly appreciated.


Promats aim to provide its customers and clients with the highest quality of natural products that meets their needs, expectations and supporting the natural products producers through CSR programs. New beverage innovations, novel confectionery coatings, high fiber drinks and powders, funding for further research into new uses for these products.

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Dubai office:

Office 606 building A
Bay squire, business bay
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

(Tel): +971 4 876 9123

Sudan office:

Promats International Co., LTD
Office 502, BLDG 85,
Elnilein towers
Khartoum – Sudan

+249 123548823

China Office:

Qingdao bonded zone, coast comprehensive
Indian Ocean Road west, No.1, Yufang Hailian office building
Second flour , office 8203

+86 1511 0290 003

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